Latent Damage Identification

Many times, property owners are completely unaware when severe storms hit. WeatherShield can be your severe weather watchdog, making sure you can be proactive in addressing property damage in a timely manner.

Here’s how our Latent Damage Identification service can identify problems and save you money.

Did you know that nearly half of all property losses go unreported?
This unawareness leads to devalued assets and being unable to determine how to properly address the issues.

Property Managers have a lot of responsibilities. Asking them to assess roof conditions following a storm should not be one of them.

Most people don’t know that once you purchase a property asset, the ability to file an insurance claim for a prior storm date is lost.

WeatherShield can identify storm damage that has previously been unidentified or unreported. It may be a property you’ve had for years or a new investment opportunity under consideration.

The Results of Our Latent Damage Indentification Services…

Our Latent Damage assessments identify past storm events capable of producing damage and accurately calculate the restoration costs to ensure you don’t lose your chance to be compensated for your loss. Identifying your severe storm damage timely and allowing your property insurance to cover the restoration costs, allows you to free up Capex resources to improve facilities, leading to increased value and resident satisfaction.

We’ve combined the best professionals in commercial exterior restoration and complex insurance claims experience to give you the industry’s best experts to represent you.

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