Restoration Project Management

Your restoration project following a loss needs to be minimally invasive to your business, allowing uninterrupted service to customers.

Storm damage restorations on large commercial properties require a comprehensive strategy.

Storm damage restorations require a strategy that places focus on safety, efficiency, attention to detail and clear communication with all parties involved. WeatherShield was designed specifically to meet these unique challenges. We understand that you deserve a high-quality restoration completed in a timely manner with as few interruptions and delays as possible.

Any contractor will claim they can handle a project, but the reality is that very few are skilled at prioritizing the safety of your staff and residents when working on a restoration project. WeatherShield utilizes our network of vetted contractors to deliver the quality restoration you deserve while our trained Project Managers oversee onsite operations from start to finish.

Large projects have a lot of moving parts that require constant attention to ensure work is moving forward in a timely manner. Poor time management leads to unnecessary delays that impact the success of any project. Our team works to eliminate these issues before they ever become a problem.

Lack of communication is the number one driver of negative customer experiences. We understand that when we work with you, we have to consider both your experience AND that of your residents. We make every effort to keep your team aware and involved in anything that will impact the quality of this experience. We pride ourselves on our ease of doing business.

Any restoration project is at risk of unplanned challenges in the form of delays and budget overruns. By specializing in servicing multifamily, senior living and student housing communities, we see the impact of these brought down to a minimum.

Weather you are considering filing an insurance claim or already have received a settlement and are ready to start your project, our experts are ready to help.