Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

Being aware of general property conditions and possible latent storm damage is a must before you buy any new asset. It could save you millions

Our trained inspectors work with you to develop a strategy to best manage your new and existing property assets.

You would never want to buy a car only to later figure out that it needs a new engine. The same is true for your properties you own. You need a trusted expert to thoroughly assess these property conditions before you buy.

Our Due Diligence reporting will give you the detailed information you need to negotiate a fair purchase price while minimizing any unforeseen expenses.

Property Managers aren’t always the best qualified to give you accurate property condition reports and they should never be expected to access a roof without proper training or experience. We also provide an unbiased third-party perspective that isn’t tied to performance incentives or business expenses. Our team of inspectors can provide you the information you need through onsite assessment inspections and reports.

If you are thinking about purchasing new property, please contact WeatherShield first so you can negoatiate the best possible outcome.